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Posted By: anglingadventures

Guntersville Lake - 07/10/17 04:20 PM

Well it looks like we have another high water situation going on with the "Big G" right now, and and has been for the last several days. With this we have seen a lot of the floating eel grass being washed away, but we all know from the last couple of floods it doesn't take long for it to get back to normal and we will once again see this stuff floating everwhere and creating "havoc" on trying to fish these areas. Right now with the lack of floating eel grass the topwater patterns, especially Bull Shads are doing well early and late in the day, but when the eel grass starts showing back up on top this pattern will once again prove to be difficult. Last week the creeks produced well with this high water, especially with numbers of small fish. Yesterday I took out 3 gentlemen from Texas for a 4 hr. trip and I decided to give the river another try, and with these guys using Choo Choo Rocker jigs they were able to catch several small to quality size fish, including one good one in the pic, and another good one that decided it had somewhere better to go than in our boat. The current was once again very strong, and combined with a wind out of the northeast we were able to cover a lot of river grass areas quickly. Punchin the thick grass areas with a 1 1/2 oz. Choo Choo Titan jig has produced very well and will only get better when the water gets back to normal. If your a fan of the Bull Shad, I strongly suggest trying the new Bull Wake Shad. This bait has some tremendous action and the water dispersment created by the large square lip gives off a vibration that the fish can't stand and they will "explode" on it. The floating eel grass is not too bad right now so get out and enjoy it. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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