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Guntersville Lake Meeting

Posted By: anglingadventures

Guntersville Lake Meeting - 02/09/17 04:15 PM

The time has finally come to have the opportunity to present our case to the State Conservation Board in Montgomery, Al. this Saturday for a possible re-stocking program and ways of taking better care of our Lake Guntersville "Tennessee River". This has been a very long and stressfull road to get here but having this opportunity makes it worth the effort. Sharon has worked "extremely" hard at what she has done to help this be presented from not only her but also from some of the many supporters that have volunteered to help us achieve this project. There has been a tremendous amount of support, and there has been some negativity, but this all goes along with anything you try to accomplish publicly. We have been told that this will go nowhere, that it will never work, that we will drop it and fade away, and one so called "person" even went as low as to call her a G.D.B., you can put that one together. I too had several negative circumstances such as being "slammed" on the internet on several occasions, and the best one was to come back to the ramp and see my truck and boat trailer tires flattened, real nice. "But" we stayed focused because you never know what you can accomplish until you try, and when you try it as a "group" it makes the possibilities for what you care for stronger. There has already been a noticable change in the care of the lake just from the word of this process getting out, so I can truly say that the Lake Guntersville Conservation Group has already had a positive impact. This is something that we as a group have started and this will be something that will only get better in the future, and we look forward to seeing it through. For those that have supported us saying thanks is not enough, we have been honored for your thoughts, efforts, and your total support. It now begins and will only go up from here. We greatly appreciate everyone. After this meeting in Montgomery we will schedule a public meeting soon after. Mike and Sharon
Posted By: Bob Smith

Re: Guntersville Lake Meeting - 02/09/17 05:28 PM

It is a noble effort you've undertaken, and quite a culture hurdle for a lot of locals to overcome for success. Here's wishing you the very best of luck!
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