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Soft swimbaits?

Posted By: Occasionalfisher

Soft swimbaits? - 05/03/15 06:18 AM

I throw soft swimbaits a good bit and my success is very limited. I have actually caught more fish on them over at Weiss in that stained water than I do at Allatoona. I have used the little dippers, yum money minnows, keitech swing impact both the fat and regular ones and even the Missle baits and Zoom ones. I have caught a few fish on the a-rig with these, but seems like when it is the single swimbait I get a bunch of bumps and few takers.
I have rigged them on the screw in weighted and unweighted hooks as well as on jigheads and even just texas rigged on a oversized EWG worm hook with a sinker all with limited success. I have thrown them on braid, mono and floro and had my best success on floro and braid. I get more hookups on braid, but less bites.
How do you guys fish them? What is your fav setup for throwing them and what size are you using at Toona.
Posted By: northdallasfisherman

Re: Soft swimbaits? - 05/07/20 01:14 AM

It’s a unique bite. I throw the big ones on 25lb floro. Big ones like the osprey , Hudds, and 3:16’S. The 6inchers I throw the owner screw in wide gaps hooks that has the waits [Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
[Linked Image from]
on 15-17 lb flouro using a double cinch knot. Wet it good when pulling down the knot
Posted By: northdallasfisherman

Re: Soft swimbaits? - 05/15/20 12:47 AM

Stupid spell check. I promise I know how to spell. Weights instead of waits. Lol
Posted By: Bob Smith

Re: Soft swimbaits? - 05/21/20 02:09 PM

roflmao It drives me crazy when that happens. You always discover the correction after you've sealed the deal!
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