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Porko's Sunday Afternoons, December 2, 2018 DONE

Posted By: Bob Smith

Porko's Sunday Afternoons, December 2, 2018 DONE - 11/28/18 01:23 AM

The forecast, as of right now, says that we will have a 40% chance of showers Sunday Morning giving way to plenty of sunshine in the afternoon with 65 degree temps! That sounds like a forecast I can live with!! Hopefully, we'll see you guys out there again. We had a great turnout last Sunday and I hope we can repeat that again this weekend!! Come on out and join us!!
The tournament runs from 1PM till 5PM. I will be there around noon to start collecting entry fees. You can usually find me down in the handicap area by the ramp
$20 entry fee ($15 to a 1-5 payback,and $5 to Big Bass), and $10 optional side pot - Winner take all (total weight).
3 fish limit, one dead fish allowed. Big Bass must be alive to count. Team (no number restriction) or individual, you decide what works best for your boat. No live bait. Good sportsmanship and no alcohol during tournament. Pretty simple rules, huh?

All tournaments are held out of Bartow County Gatewood Park: Exit GA-20 exit on I-75 and turn east, Turn south at the light (right from I-75, left from Canton) next to Wendy's onto Spur 20. Go about 2 miles and turn left on Jim Knight Rd., Turn left when it dead ends at the Bartow Beach Rd. (right in front of the COE maintenance yard). Stay on the Beach road and stay to the left past the park Manager's house and follow the signs to the left to the boat ramp
If the lot is full or the pay-box has no envelopes, just let me know and I will give you directions
Posted By: Bob Smith

Re: Porko's Sunday Afternoons, December 2, 2018 TRACKER - 12/01/18 02:46 PM

They put the plug back in this morning at 830.34', about 3 1/2' this week. I am sure today's rain will bring it back up a tad, but they will open it back up . At this rate it looks like they are planning to hit 823' (winter pool) before Christmas. I just hope they don't go all the way down to pool because that will close Gatewood. I imagine we are close to losing the outside ramp this weekend.
It is what it is and there's nothing we can do about it. Just cross fingers and keep on fishing!
Posted By: Bob Smith

Re: Porko's Sunday Afternoons, December 2, 2018 TRACKER - 12/02/18 01:33 PM

looks like the lake is rising again this morning and almost past the 832' mark after the rain we had this weekend. Only one way to find out what the impact is, get out there and wet a hook!! The weather is looking fantastic for the afternoon so come on out and join us!!
Posted By: Bob Smith

Re: Porko's Sunday Afternoons, December 2, 2018 TRACKER - 12/03/18 01:24 AM

A little windy at times, not too bad, Bluebird skies and fair temps (low 70s), Water temps were around the 54 degree mark, stained in the creeks and pretty clear on the main lake. All in all a beautiful afternoon for a December tournament. Apparently a lot of folks felt the same way!! We had 40 paid entries with 76 anglers, There were 67 fish brought to the scales, of those 8 were largemouth bass. Lots more kids fishing this one today and I really enjoy that!
here's the money spots:
6th place for $30 was Josh, Jason and Jacob with 3 fish for 4.80lbs!!
5th place for $60 was Mike and Joe with 3 fish for 4.93lbs
4th place for $102 was Mike and Paul H. with 3 fish for 4.97lbs
3rd place was Scott and Tommy with 3 fish for 5.47lbs and $120
2nd place went to Chris and don with 3 fish for 6.11lbs for $138 and Big Bass with 3.74lbs for $200
1st place Ronald and Ray with 3 fish for 6.35lbs for $150 and the side pot at $410!!!
Next week it is my understanding that the 4 Seasons Tournament will have their championship. They will have the handicap area consumed when we get there so I will sign folks up by the rest room, then have the weigh-in in the normal area. I apologize for any inconvenience in advance, but it's either try to work around it of cancel it altogether next weekend and that doesn't appeal to me.
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