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Snagless Platform Holders by HammerTech Marine

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Snagless Platform Holders by HammerTech Marine - 05/21/17 03:33 PM

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The Snagless Platform Holder is designed to be installed in a convenient location on a horizontal poling platform top, boat deck or rail, so that a push pole can be quickly, quietly and securely stored when the poler needs to perform other tasks, such as casting to a sighted fish or assisting the angler on the bow. The unique shape of the Platform Holder’s gripping radius allows for a variety of installation heights, from close to the water at deck level, all the way up to the height of a standard poling platform. In addition, the 360° rotation of the holder top permits easy pole storage at almost any horizontal angle from the boat, while also letting a stored pole revolve freely as the boat drifts or spins due to wind or current.

Unlike anything else on the market, there are no swivels, shafts or pivoting/protruding parts that stick out and can be broken off or snag onto things like fly lines. They are also designed to be highly durable and quiet, so that the parts won’t rattle when running the outboard, which is a common problem with some popular push pole caddies and clips. Plus, if the rotation point ever does happen to loosen up, the adjustment screw is easily accessible.

Snagless Platform Holders - Available in two colors and two sizes. $65.

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Rotates 360°.

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Easy, one-handed storage and removal.

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All prices include free shipping in the continental US. Visit to learn more and purchase through our online store.

Builder inquiries and custom requests welcome.

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