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18 ft boston whaler

Posted By: mr spivey

18 ft boston whaler - 04/04/13 02:39 AM

really thinking about buying a 18 ft boston whaler to fish around jekall island im just wandering if i would be able to use the boat here in jesup in the altamaha or if this is going to be to much boat for the river
Posted By: FishermanFrank

Re: 18 ft boston whaler - 04/04/13 12:14 PM

It really depends on how strong the current would be in the river including the average depth in the river. For the most part 18 foot center consoles are pretty universal. The drafts of that size boat (how far they sit in the water) is still barely 14". You can confirm the draft by searching the model of the boat and look up the specs. Most 18 footers are GREAT inshore fishing boats too. Plenty of storage and use very minimal gas compared to bigger boats with huge engines and even ones with multiple outboards.
Posted By: mr spivey

Re: 18 ft boston whaler - 04/04/13 12:48 PM

sounds like it will be fine here in altamaha also then for the most part this is a BIG DEEP RIVER great bass fishing good pan fish,but really known for its 40 and 50 lb flathead its 5 mins from me and the island is around 30 min there we can hit the trout ,reds ,and flounder pertty important that my boat can adjust to either
Posted By: FishermanFrank

Re: 18 ft boston whaler - 04/04/13 02:04 PM

Nice!! Sounds like fun!! I would invest in a good anchor and/or a good trolling motor. That will help you control the boat better if you want to stay in an area you want to fish without floating away too fast. Both of those will make the center console capable in fishing in many different ways. Also, during the summer months coming up, I would highly recommend getting a Bimini Top (folding top). This helps you get out of direct sunlight. It can be a life saver when it gets in the high 90's!!
Posted By: mr spivey

Re: 18 ft boston whaler - 04/05/13 01:20 AM

ye i think im going to get it sat the only worry i have is he got a 125 on it and i read up on boat rated at 70 do you think i should be conconrned at all
Posted By: FishermanFrank

Re: 18 ft boston whaler - 04/05/13 11:56 AM

I would ask a Boston Whaler dealer. In my opinion 55hp over the recommended rating it too much. I would check the model specs because most boats that are 18 feet are usually rated at least for a 125.
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