Each year i will have a Spring and Fall tournament fundraiser for Special Needs Kids day at the lake held by Randy West(Popeye) Out of Glade Marina
This year we have 2 dates for the fundraiser May 15 2021 & Sept 11 2021
These tournament will be held out of Kellogg Creek on Allatoona Lake for this first year...if these events grow which i hope they do, then we may move to a larger Venue on Allatoona.

First Fundraiser this year is May 15 2021
Kellogg/Payne Boat ramp
Registration at the ramp-5:00-6:30
Entry is 50.00 to purse 10.00 to big fish(Automatic) 60.00 total
80% of purse will go to the Anglers and 20% to the Special Needs Kids events
Fishing hours are safe light-3:00 Team or Solo
5 Fish limit 12" Largemouth, Spots, and Smallmouth
1 Dead Fish allowed after that a 1/2 lb penalty for a dead fish
If you can please donate for the special needs Kids, i will have a donation bucket on hand
Contact Keith Ridenhour/Director at 770-241-5475
Randy West(Popeye) at 678-977-9719

This year Randy West(Popeye) will have his Special Needs Kids Day at the lake May 22 2021 and Sept 18 2021 at Glade Marina