For those who want to know about the Sunday afternoon tournaments, November 1, 2020 through Mar 28, 2021.
1PM till 5PM until daylight savings time in 2021 then 1PM till 6 PM
$25 entry ($20 to a 1 in 5 payback and $5 to the Big Bass pot), and $10 optional side pot (winner take all)
3 fish limit, 12" minimum
Standard rules, legal in Georgia, legal in Porko's, good sportsmanship expected. Team tournament? You can weigh 3 fish for each entry, how you choose to fish or who you choose to fish with is no concern for me. If you want to bring the whole family, I good with that and encourage it!
I will be going for the permits as soon as they allow us to submit them for next year (let's just hope and pray they try anymore of that covid lockdowns on us!).

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