Well the first one is in the books!!! The parking lot was a little more chaotic than usual, but it was also entertaining watching the boat loading show. All I have to say on this subject is that most of the boats we observed coming off the water was loaded with excessively inebriated occupants! Their trailer backing skills (if there ever were any) were greatly hampered by that condition! We helped more than just a few to keep the ramp moving.😉 Our first night time event drew 47 paid entries. There were 158 fish weighed in, of those there were only 8 largemouth bass. Of the original 47 entries, 16 entries did not weigh fish, I know some of those entries probably caught fish but just didn't feel like weighing them in. My thanks to Michael Keeney and Stan Knowles for their help during the sign in and weigh in!!! (you guys ROCK!).Gary Fowler was the first man out of the money, sorry bout the confusion, Gary, but thanks for understanding!
6th place went to John (Shrek) and Lonnie T with 5 fish for 8.83 lbs and $94
5th place was Rick D. and Larry with 5 fish for 9.55lbs and $188
4th place was Josh and Eric with 5 fish for 9.77lbs and $320
3rd place went to Richie and Logan with 5 fish for 10.05lbs and $376
2nd place went to Michel and Lonnie with 5 fish for 10.14lbs and $432, AND Big Bass with a 3.17lb spotted bass for $470
1st place was Thad and Jeff with 5 fish for 10.15lbs (.01 over 2nd place!!) for $470 and the side pot of $480! Great job!
Our next event is on June 27, 2020. We are changing the times to 8PM till 3AM, hopefully to take some pressure off the parking lot with this summer's huge pleasure boater activity.

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