Questions abound on Social Media (FB and other places). the truth is the Corp of Engineers Office lake Allatoona Project are following direction from the South Atlantic Division headquarters in Mobile, AL. not all of the lakes and recreational areas are being subjected to the same approach. Take for instance, Carters lake to the north of Allatoona has started releasing tournament permits while Lake Allatoona has not. The reason stated is that Allatoona is closer to Atlanta, which was one of the hotbed areas at the peak of the Covid Virus episode so they deemed having tournaments is more at risk than other lakes. They were planning to release the permits commensurate to the Georgia Governors position on social distancing and crowds of 10 people or more. That has changed and the date is presently unknown (could be later than the original planned date of May 18th, 2020). This information is being shared without my personal opinion.

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