The season opener started out pretty well with 24 paid entries, 47 anglers. The afternoon was chilly with high bluebird skies and 66 degree water. Fishing for most of us, was pretty slow! None-the-less, someone will usually find them or at least a couple of pretty good fish. Today was no exception. The totals were ho hum with 42 fish brought to the scales for a total of 60.02lbs (an average of 1.43lbs per fish)
We paid five places this evening and here are the money winners!
5th went to Chad C. and Drew with 3 fish for 4.32lbs, for $36
4th place was Larry (Big O) and Chris with 3 fish for 4.36lbs for $54
3rd place was Smith and Rice with 3 fish for 4.57lbs for $72
2nd place went to Brett and Mike with 3 fish for 5.76lbs for $90 (sure like that new Pheonix!!)
1st place was Nick and Zack! They knocked it out of the park with 3 fish for 7.40lbs and Big Bass with a 4.26lb LargeJaw! 1st place money was $108, Big Bass was $120 and the side pot was $240, Great Job guys!
This Sunday was probably light due to the number of events on the lake this weekend, Deer hunting, and football. Hopefully we will see more and more of you over the coming weeks!
See you next Sunday!

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