Sorry I didn't get a tracker in here for this month due to a hacker that corrupted my computer. All is fixed now (except salvaging my email address from my browser).
It started out pretty hot on the water yesterday evening with lots and lots of wake surfers, tubes, skies and yachts running everywhere!! I felt like I was on the back of bull at times! The evening finally settled down and actually got pretty comfortable!
We had 42 paid entries last night, a total of 43 boats on the water with mine. There were a total 85 anglers weighing in a total of 145 bass for a total of 218.34lbs. All of those were spotted bass with the exceptions of 6 largemouth bass. the average weight was 1.51lbs per fish. The money spots paid out as follows:
6th place went to Wayne and Corry with 5 fish for 8.74lbs, $84
5th place was Gary Fowler (the Man is on a roll with back to back paydays!) with 5 fish for 9.01lbs, $168
4th place went to Daniel and Trent with 5 fish for 9.04lbs for $286
3rd place was Chris M. and Jeremy B. with 5 fish for 9.11lbs for $336
2nd place went to Nick and Zack with 5 fish for 10.51 for $386 and Big Bass with a spot that weighed 3.75lbs for $420
1st place went to Rick D. and Danny R. with 5 fish for 13.90lbs (knocked it out of the PARK!), a rock solid string of consistent fish in the 3lb range! $420 for first and $430 Side Pot!

here's a link to my Google Docs where I keep the totals for the state biologist, You can go back to 2013 when I first started collecting the data. Enjoy the read!

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