Matt Martin; Last night was a great event. Our 2 objectives was 1st raise money for the Cline family. 2nd raise awareness of what the #AHSBA is doing with the youth fishing in our area. All of this couldn’t have been done without the support of our fishing community. We thank each & every one of you that supported our cause.
Lastnight was TOUGH fishing we started off with some rain & light storms but the weather was soo. To pass.43 boats came out to battle the weather
1st 11.25 John Gregory
2nd 10.03 nick tunny
3rd 9.25 Chris Hilburn
4th 9.41 Brian Cox
5th 9.25 Bill Payne
6th 8.10 Chris money
7th & 8th Kyle Young
Josh Hampton
Big fish 3.87 Kyle young
90% of the anglers donated their winnings back to the Cline family
With the out pouring support for everyone we all raised a grand total of $4156.00 with last-nights event & donations even today.
From My family & the AHSBA we can’t thank everyone enough

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