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Finesse Football Jigs from www.jigbass.com

Weights: 1/4 , 3/8 & 1/2 oz.

Mustad Wide Gap black nickle, round bend , 60 degree , Extra Heavy Hook

weed guard and trailer keeper

powder painted and baked head

60 strand high quality silicone skirt

These jigs are hand tied with wire to eliminate any problems of the skirt slipping down and allows for a harder "cinch" on the skirt to provide more of a bunched appearance

The skirt count has been increased to provide a more full appearance and "more color" in the water. and I have added a "flair ring" to give the skirt a more full appearance.

All of this and a great bait for $$3.49 each! You gotta try these!!!! so put some in your box by taking a look at my store at www.jigs4bass.com . Great prices , great turn around , quality baits and we accept credit cards, money order, personal check and cash! Look around and register an account while you are there...... You can't go wrong with these baits. Thanks, Michael