This is the time of year that some serious Snag Proof “FRAWG” action is getting ready to begin. The temperatures will start to fall soon and Bass will start to move into the shallow flats to feed aggressively, and there’s no better way to experience this than with a Snag Proof Frog. This time of year can bring a lot of changes in weather conditions and Snag Proof has several types of frogs to help with coping with weather changing patterns. The basic Snag Proof Frog, Bobbys Perfect Frog, and the Phat Frog are the most common choices for Fall “FRAWGIN”, and one reason for this is because most anglers are looking for that fall frog fishing pattern. When looking for this pattern and to up your chances of consistent action it can help when looking for grass that’s started dying off and has created that “mucky” look on the surface. These areas can be easy to find but to find the most productive areas it helps when you find what is known as the sound of “popcorn”. This popping sound is a sign of activity with small bream and minnows feeding on bugs, spiders, etc., and when you have the smaller fish feeding it’s a good chance some solid Bass are in the area as well. When you do find some active fish and all you can get is the fish just popping the frog in the air or just wallowing on it and not eating it, you can increase your chances by changing colors or even getting a little more aggressive with your retrieve and the action of your frog. If it turns out that the mats aren’t producing then looking for the scattered grass areas and using the Snag Proof Buzz Frog can help your chances of having some great action. This is a bait that can produce some “explosive” strikes and can be very productive even in bad weather conditions. Fish are always cruising grass flats and covering a lot of these areas with a Buzz Frog can increase your odds of connecting with some solid fish. There’s nothing fancy about working this bait, you just treat it like any other buzzbait except the advantage of the Buzz Frog is that you can use it in some thick grass without it getting fouled up. The other pattern that’s very useful during this time of year is to once again look for the scattered grass areas and using a Snag Proof Poppin Phattie. This bait can be used like any other top water popping plug except once again it allows you to fish it in thick scattered grass areas without it getting fouled like other top water plugs with exposed hooks. This bait will also need to be used in more calmer conditions because of the popping presentation that’s required for this bait to produce some consistent action. Since 1961, which was the year I was born, Snag Proof has worked hard to give anglers several options to choose from to make for some successful Fall “FRAWGIN” action and to help with changes in weather conditions. They go from the Snag Proof Frog for the mucked up mats, the Snag Proof Buzz Frog for changes of weather conditions and fishing more scattered type grass areas, and the Snag Proof Poppin Phattie for calmer conditions in scattered grass areas. So the bottom line for some great Fall fishing is to have at least 3 rods rigged and ready to go with the 3 main choices of Snag Proof products that I mentioned to help in covering different patterns and weather conditions. This is a fantastic time of year to get out and enjoy some great fishing action and there just ain’t nuthin like have a Big Bass just absolutely EXPLODE” on a Snag Proof “FRAWG”!!! Have some fun!!! Capt. Mike Carter