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A Square Bill Crankbait That Talks to the Fish
Bandit Rack-It deflects and makes noise

Picture the elusive largemouth hunkering down in a brush pile. From a distance the bass hears the rattle before the bait can be seen, putting the fish on full alert. The Bandit® Rack-It hits a limb in the pile and deflects at an angle, catching the predator's eye. The strike is sudden and vicious. The Rack-It has done its job.

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The new Rack-It combines deflection, action and sound for a fully well-rounded square bill crankbait. The square bill design is built for cranking through rocks and wood, bouncing off everything it hits. The molded in square bill is shaved on the edges which combined with the ideal pull point placement creates an aggressive, erratic hunting action at any retrieval speed without losing control and running on its side.

Another feature separating the Rack-It from the pack is the unique sound. Emitting from a rattle chamber inside the butyrate body is a sound totally new to the bass sure to spur a violent reactive response.

The 2.75-inch, .625-ounce Rack-It is designed to run four to six feet deep and is equipped with two size 4 treble hooks. Twelve colors are available with an MSRP of $6.99.

Learn more about the Bandit Rack-It at www.banditlures.com and www.lurenet.com.

Length: 2.75 inches Weight: .625 ounce Hooks: 4/0 Colors: Tennessee Shad, Pearl Black Back, Fire Tiger, Chartreuse Blue Back, Red Crawfish, Pearl Splatterback, Mistake, Chartreuse Black Back Scale, Yellow Orange Craw, Chartreuse Fleck, Viral Perch and Bone Orange Belly MSRP: $6.99