Update on Dusty Adkins:
I just spoke with Dusty a few minutes ago (Monday morning about 10:45). This guy is tougher than woodpecker lips!! He told me a little about the ride, all I can say about that is be weary of other boaters running with you, always give yourself plenty of room, even running with other competitors. While steering away from another competitor they hit some big yacht waves that they didn't see (watching the other boat that was running beside them). Dusty was launched in the air then the boat came up and nailed him on his way back down. He ended up breaking his leg about three inches below the hip joint and shattering his hip and fracturing several vertebrae. he had surgery where reconstructed his femur (leg bone) and hip with about 16 screws and assorted plates!!! Looks like about three months for recovery on this one. They will address the vertebrae later on.
There is no way to tell you guys how to drive and sometimes things like this are unavoidable, or at least they seem that way. What I will say is please try to look at the situation and find the safest way out of it. Saturday evening was a scene of rocking and rolling wave action out there, from all directions. Not a good situation for WOT.
Prayers for Dusty's recovery.

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