Yesterday was one of those days that brings back memories of the "Old Guntersville Lake". This lake has and still is making a tremendous comeback and the numbers of solid fish is proving it. My partner Marty Likos and I fished the Foodland Team Tournament on Lake Guntersville yesterday and even though we only finished 16th. out of 200 boats, the number of fish, solid fish, we caught made this day well worth the effort. One very special and rare moment was when we had to "balance beam" 5 lb. fish a couple of different times to see which ones to keep. Now when your catching tremendous numbers of 3-4 lb. fish and several more 5 lb. fish that you have to balance them to cull down to the best 3, well yes your having a pretty good day! We didn't keep up with the exact numbers of fish we caught but we estimated between 50-60 fish. We started out with a few on a Bull Shad early, and then Producer Swimbaits and Choo Choo Rocker jigs up in the day. One other matter about the 200 boat tournament and the fish that we caught is we nerver once, "NOT ONCE", did we have any other boats come in at an uncofortable close distance to us while we were fishing. This also made for a more comfortable day and helped in enjoying catching the fish a lot more. The main thing that I wanted to add to this day was back at the weigh in is that is wasn't just Marty and I that caught these high numbers of quality fish. I talked to several other tournament anglers that had the same kind of day with some high numbers of solid quality fish. It goes to show that a little bit of better care of the lake and the fish, especially at the tournaments, that this lake can kick it's self back into gear and show us what it can do. With all of the efforts from local and out of state anglers and tournament anglers to help the lake get better and healthier, the "Big G" showed us it can do it's part also in bringing itself back to the top of the list again! Have some fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]