I got out today on Lake Guntersville with a long time good friend that I grew up fishing and hunting with. When we were younger, "WAY YOUNGER", we would ride our bikes to our uncle's ponds and fish every evening we had a chance, and now here we are with expensive equipment and fishing together again but this time in "BIG WATER". We no longer use shorts, waders, or bicycles to catch fish. We now take a little lazier approach with expensive vehicles and expensive boats and spend a lot of money on gas for the both of them to persue what we chased and enjoyed as children. We've came a long way since those days and we still enjoy seeing our poles get bent and our "strang stretched"! With the cold north wind from this morning the fishing was slow, but for a great friends birthday we still managed to put a few in the boat to make for some great memories. Get out and just have some fun!!! Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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