Today was one of those breaks that was well worth waiting for. It consisted of getting the opportunity to fish a different lake and have some great success at doing so. I got out on Weiss Lake today with a gentleman that want to look for a few fish and a few patterns to use for his stay there on the lake. We would only fish each area for a short time to help in covering a lot more different patterns and areas of the lake, but during those short times they were very productive with some solid fish. We stayed around shallow structure, stumps, docks, and grass with Choo Choo Shakers, Rocker jigs, and swimjigs, and had some solid success on each. The water on Weiss is finally getting back to normal with the level within a few inches of full pool and the surface temps averaging in the low to mid 60's. Man this lake can be an absolute "blast"! Have some fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]