I got out this morning on Lake Guntersville for a half day trip with a gentleman that wanted to learn a few ways to pattern some fish and what to look for during this time of year. Well I think he found what to look for! It was very cold and even some light snow and when you add the wind on top of that you can say it was going to be a "tough" morning. There are times when the Big G can surprise you and this was one of those times! We stayed around some of the deeper grass areas and were using Producer Swimbaits and Choo Choo Shakers. Right off I lost a very big fish with a Producer swimbait that would have been nice to see judging by the "war wounds" on the bait. We then switched over to a Shaker and got a few nice ones to cooperate and also lost one of those too. When I said let's go look at another area I just happen to glance over and seen my clients rod bent, in a good way..."extremely"! This giant was his biggest fish ever and was just enough to light a fire to persue the game a little more, well a "lot" more! We fished this area a few more minutes and we decided to go look at some more places and how to set up and pattern these areas also since the time was cutting short. It didn't matter, this guy was still on cloud "9" and probably will be for a while. Get out and have some fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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