Clear blue skies, temps in the 60s, a little breezy, water stained to dirty around 57 degrees. Fishing was pretty decent this afternoon with a lot of folks weighing fish, but not as many as last weekend. Better average this week at 2.06lbs per fish. We had 26 paid entries with 47 anglers weighing in 49 fish for 101.07lbs. Big bass was a big old spotted bass at 4.31lbs (danged pretty fish for sure!!)
The top money spots were as follows:
6th place went to Jeff and Scott with 3 fish for 6.34lbs and $20
5th place was Lowell with 3 fish for 7.03lbs and $39
4th place was Mike C. with 3 fish for 7.20lbs for $66
3rd place went to Jake and Mike with 3 fish for 8.56lbs and $78
2nd place went to Jarrod with 3 fish for 8.68lbs and $90
1st place was a good day for Nick Tunney with 3 fish for 9.08lbs, and Big Bass at 4.31lbs. his efforts netted him $97 for 1st, $130 for Big Bass and a $270 side pot!! Not bad for a little 4 hour fishing trip on Sunday afternoon!!
next weekend is the time change. Beginning next Sunday through the last one in March we will run the event till 6PM. Come on out and join us!!

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