I had 2 seperate trips today with the first one being for Crappie that turned out to be a very slow bite. We could see the fish but with the strong current they just didn't want to cooperate. The 2nd trip was with a gentleman that wanted to find a few areas to fish and that would make his weekend an enjoyable one. We knew the rain was coming and since we got a late start we went to an area that's been productive lately. We got out our Choo Choo Shakers and the fun started. If we only could have seen the "one that got away", typical fishermans story! It was one of those that took the Shaker and when it got close to the boat it decided it had somewhere else better to go and there wasn't anything we could do about it except look at each other with our "Deer in the headlights" look. This was a true Big G GIANT and it's still goin!!! The gentleman got to see what he came here to see so we cut it short to go and get back in the dry for the rest of the day. Have some fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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