Pretty darned chilly out there this afternoon with a high around 37 degrees and a NNW wind up to about 15 at times. Water Temps ranged from 47 to 49 most places we fished this afternoon. Water clarity in the main lake about 2-3'. There were 11 paid entries today for a total of 23 anglers in 12 boats. Together we weighed 27 fish for 48.12lbs and no largemouth bass today!

3 place went to Scott B. and Tommy B with three fish for 5.81lbs and $33

2nd place was Danny and Nick with 3 fish for 7.51lbs and Big Bass at 3.32lbs (Spotted) for $50 and $55 respectively

1st place went to Jake and Jason with 3 fish for 7.91lbs for $82 and the side pot for $120

We will be on ramp watch this week! The water level at Gatewood is at the final mark on the ramp, if it goes any lower they will shut it down until the water comes back up. I am hoping the CoE is done with the drawdown!! I will keep you guys posted on Facebook.

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