Great turnout this afternoon with 36 paid entries and a total of 37 boats including mine. 64 anglers fought the cool NNW winds that must have been 15-20 MPH at times. Water temps ranged from 56-58 in the areas we fished with clarity to about 6' deep (in some places). I enjoyed seeing you folks today and hope that we can keep the good times rolling!!
Those 64 anglers brought a total of 61 bass to the scales for a total weight of 93.93lbs, Big Bass was 3.42lb spotted bass. Today, a young lady put the hurt on us (and her husband!!), here's how that went down:
6th place went to Bob A. and Jon with 3 fish for 5.10lbs and $27
5th place was Chris M. with 3 fish for 5.29lbs and $54
4th places went to Brent T. with 3 fish for 5.30lbs and $92
3rd place was Ryan with 3 fish for 5.31lbs and Big Bass of 3.42lbs for $108 (3rd) and $180 (BB)
2nd place went to Jason, John and Justin (I wrote Jason John and Jason on the envelope and apologize for my tired old eyes). They had 5.45lbs and took home $124
1st place went to the Mullinax family! Babe culled all of Jason's fish and earned 1st place honors with a 7.27lb stringer for 1st place money of $135, and the side pot of $360!!! Awesome Job!!!

Until Next Sunday, ya'll be careful and don't work too hard!!

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