Wow, great start for the new season!! Weather was like late summer, mild temps and light winds, warm water temps (67-68 degrees!!!). In spite of opening weekend of deer season, and multiple tournaments yesterday and this morning we still managed 30 paid entries (31 boats) with 54 anglers! There were 51 fish brought to the scales for a total of 78.04lbs and Big Bass with a 3.27lb Spotted bass! It was like a homecoming with just about everyone in the crowd returning to fish with us again! I really enjoy you guys!
Alrighty, here's how the money paid out today:
6th place went to Mason and Scott with 3 fish for 4.78lbs and $23
5th place went to Jake, Jason and Bob with three fish for 5.44lbs and $45
4th place was Babe and Jason M. with 5 fish for 5.59lbs and $76
3rd place went to Rick and Mike G. with 3 fish for 5.65lbs and $90
2nd place was Rory and Wade with 3 fish for 6.49lbs and Big Bass was 3.27lbs, they got $104 for 2nd and $150 for Big Bass
1st place went to Wesley with 3 fish for 8.20lbs for $112 and side pot of $280!! AWESOME Job!

Congrats to the money winners! I am looking forward to seeing you guys next week, come on out and join us!!

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