Fishing on the "Big G" the past few days has been more consistent than the past few weeks. The fish are starting to move into their Fall patterns and staying with areas holding a good amount of baitfish. The water temps still staying around the 80 degree mark is slowing the fish down from getting into these more aggressive Fall patterns, but it's getting close. We've had several patterns that have been producing well. Bull Wakes being fished over the scattered grass areas has produced some solid quality fish. Swimming Shad color Choo Choo Jigs and 5.5" Producer Swimbaits along some of the deeper grass areas has done very well especially up in the hotter part of the day. The Snag Proof Frog bite is still producing in some of the thicker matted grass areas. The storm we had recently really depleted a lot of the thicker mats but since we didn't get the rain that was expected we were still able to keep most of the mats in great fishing condition. The more scattered grass mats on the lake can produce some "massive" explosions with using Snag Proff Buzz Frogs being burned across the surface. The numbers of quality fish along some of the deeper grass lines have been great with using Echo Crankbaits. The cooler weather approaching should really get this lake "cranked up" and this will also make these patterns mentioned get a lot more consistent and productive. Fall temps are approaching and the real "fun fishing" is about to get started. Get out and enjoy it. Mike Carter [Linked Image]