A morning of "Snag Proof FRAWGIN" with a great friend, Chett Holoman. We started out with fishing some shallow grass lines with Echo Crankbaits and was able to get a few early while the thick fog was around. We then switched over to swimming Choo Choo Jigs and got a couple of small fish before we decided it was time for him to experience "Big G FRAWGIN" for the first time. Within a few casts Chett was able to land a nice fish that exploded on his Snag Proof Frog. It was one of those mornings that there was no problem getting the strikes, but the hook ups were a different story. We still caught several on a frog but it was a great experience for Chett to see just how fun it is to have a nice Bass "BLOW UP" on his FRAWG!! Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]