I got out after the rain by myself to see if I could get a few "Big G SPOTS" to "SLAM" a Producer Swimbait, or a 6XD Crankbait, or a Choo Choo Jig, or maybe even a Bull Shad. I fished the up river area of the lake and after a few largemouth on a swimbait and a jig, I finally figured out what the Spots wanted, 6XD Crankbait. I got to enjoy finally getting on a few "dang hard fightin" Spots on the crankbait before calling it quits for the day. The ones I did get did exactly what I had looked for, they "slammed" the crankbait and made the short afternoon trip well worth it. The up river fishing on this lake is overlooked a lot due to the reputation from the deeper down river areas, but fishing up river can show you a great time with catching a mixed bag of fish that include largemouth, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass. It's fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]