Hot and sticky, the lake was pretty stingy with the good fish too! We had 24 members in 14 boats out there today. Only 63 fish were brought to the scales for a total weight of 91.97lbs. only 5 limits were weighed in out the 24 people fishing. We certainly shared water today. BASS Nation had their event today as well with 77 boats, that was a busy boat ramp this morning. Fortunately we had our weigh in at 2PM ESDT (Georgia) and beat the crowd. In fact we got our guys out by 2:35P.
hats off to Mike Cronin with the win, 5 fish for 8.96.
Second place went to Darren Gallacher with 5 fish for 777lbs
Third went to Danny Cole with 4 fish for 7.18lbs
Fourth to Jim Barclay with 4 fish for 7.09lbs
And the last money spot went to Albert Little with 5 fish for 6.96lbs

Well done in spite of the heat and in spite of the crowded waters!Our next event will be on Lake Westpoint in September.

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