I love Weiss Lake, especially when a Snag Proof Frog is involved with the mix! I don't get the opportunity to to Weiss as often as I use to but when I do I truly enjoy the change of pace. I got out with a gentleman on Weiss today to look around at a few areas to see if the high water from all of the rain had effected them any. The lake was a little higher than normal and most areas had a lot of stain, especially the main river. We covered a lot of creeks and after seeing that the Frog bite was a little slow we went to Choo Choo Jigs with Producer Craw trailers and caught several small to quality fish in most of the creeks we fished. This is a fantastic time of year to put a Snag Proof Frog to work on Weiss Lake and enjoy the results. It was a little slower today due to the high water but when the water gets back to normal it can be a "blast". Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]