What a weekend of fishing on Chickamauga Lake, Tn. I got to fish the Big Bass Tour event that was held there this past Saturday and Sunday with a good friend Ed Ricklefs, the founder and previous owner of Choo Choo Lures. This is one phenominal lake with 3 fish over 9 lb. including the largest of the event a 9.80 lb., and 5 over 8 lb. weighed in over the weekend. With 10 payouts each hr. and 7 hrs. total for each day it took an average of high 4's and even 5+ for some of the hrs. to be able to get a check. The first day Ed and I got on some deep fish with Producer Swimbaits and were catching 3-4+ lb. fish consistently and weighed in 2 fish each that were from 4.40 to 4.90 lbs. and didn't get a check. The 2nd day we went back to the same area and got on more of the same great quality of fish and finally broke the 5 lb. mark, and with another 4.10 we headed to try our luck again and finally got a "6th" place check with a 5.80 lb., and the 4.10 got pushed out of the top 10. We then decided to go right back to that same area and the fish were still there and got another that weighed 5.08, but could not get another over 4 to go with it, but at least this one got us an "8th" place finish for the last hr. and another check. The point of this report besides having a fantastic time fishing with a good friend was the fact that this lake has come forward so much in the last several years. The consistent 5-7 lb. fish that were weighed in each day says a lot for how far this lake has come from the 90's when it was so hard to get a decent limit much less to sit in an area for 2 days and consistently catch 3-5 lb. fish each day. This kind of fishing success shows how a great stocking program and taking better care of a valuable resource can work for the future of the lake. I have fished this lake since '89 and to see what it can do now compared to back then is outstanding. My "hat's" off to the ones that wanted a better future for their lake, persued it, and now have had it for the last several yrs. and more yrs. to come. Ed and I were not able to get one of those "Big Chick HAWGS", but at least we got to enjoy some success at catching several great quality fish on a fantastic lake such as Chickamauga. No pics, we just didn't have time to do so with fish hitting the way they were, and enjoying that was most important. It's a blast so get out and enjoy it. Mike Carter