This weekend (May 20/21, 2017) we will be fishing Lake Weiss. There will be 18 boats in this event. Saturday we will launch out of Weiss Mart at 6AM ESDT and weighing in at 3PM ESDT, Then on Sunday we will be going out of Riverside from 6AM ESDT till 1PM ESDT.
The club has grown to 35 members now and it looks like we have got really good group including our first female member, Missy Keeney who will be fishing with her husband, Michael. We also have a young fellow by the name of Delbert Wilson who fishes with his dad Max, I believe that Delbert is 13. I am banking on this fine young man to represent the future of this great club!
I will let you guys know on Sunday evening how it went this weekend!

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