This was the last Sunday event of the 2016/2017 Winter season. We had a good turnout, in fact we had a pretty good turnout each and every Sunday this season! WE shift gears now and have one tournament in April, Second Saturday April 8, we will have one more event in the daylight for the Porko's Spring Day on Allatoona. This will be from safe light till 3:30 out of Gatewood. More to follow on that!.
Today we had 30 boats, 28 paid entries and 29 paid into the side pot. 53 anglers weighed 51 fish for a total of 89.76lbs (an average of 1.76lbs per fish. here are the winners today:
6th place went to Promo and mark with 3 fish for 5.56lbs and $21
5th place went to Ryan . and Cemden L. with 3 fish for 5.63lbs and $42
4th place was Joe and Kaleb with 3 fish for 5.85lbs and $71
3rd place was Deron and Joe with 3 fish for 6.15lbs and $84
2nd place went to Nick T. with 3 fish for 6.24lbs and $97
1st place went to Taylor and Bailey with 3 fish for 6.56lbs and $105, they also won the side pot worth $290
Big Bass went to Todd R with a 2.59lb spot for $140
That does it for the Sunday Afternoon events until next November (2017), we once again fire up the Sunday afternoons and run them through March 2018! I hope you guys enjoyed it this year and will be ready to do it again in November!!

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