I had a couple of trips today on the "Big-G". The first one was mainly a scouting trip to learn a few areas to focus on for this gentlemans trip here next week. We did fish for a little while but with the water temps in the mid to upper 50's we had no success in the shallow grass areas we looked at. The second trip consisted of a 9 yr. old young man that wanted to show his Granddad that he had the talent to catch some fish on the "Big-G", and he did. This little guy had no problem casting a baitcaster and new just what to do when a good one latched on! The other eybrow raising talent from this young guy was not only him knowing how to use a baitcaster, but was also able to throw it right and left handed both, at 9 yrs. of age! My hat's off to this guy, and for his Dad and Granddad for teaching him how to be a great Bass Fisherman. It's a blast so get out and enjoy it. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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