I have been making a new bait and fish attractor for a couple of years now that makes a thump sound.
It is a patented machine incorporating a 12 volt, sealed, variable speed, electric motor, and a rubber mallet.
It comes in a 10" X 7" battery box ready to mount in any boat.
I've tested the "Bobo's Thumper" in my boat and it really does work!
Prices range from $275 to $400., depending on the available options you might want.
You can send a PM or call the number in my signature to discuss the different options and get a quote for your new fish caller.
I am located in Springtown, TX. You can come by and pick up your newly built fish caller or I can ship it for an additional fee.
Check out these videos to see how it works.


People who fish for sand bass, striper, and hybrid striper, tap the floor of their boat at times, during deadstick season.
The thump sound mimics a predator fish eating a baitfish according to a European research group that studied fish behaviors to different sounds.
There have been many people who thump with an oar or broom handle, on the floor of their boat in a regular "cadence" or rhythm to attract these species of fish. Particularly, during the cold winter months, when the fish are schooling in deep water. The guides in Arkansas and South Carolina tell me they thump more from March to October since their fish move into deeper water during that period, but some do year round.
For the most part it attracts shad, sand bass, hybrid stripers, and stripers, during winter. I have had lmb, crappie, and catfish also be attracted at times. Though seldom does this happen except for catfish. They are always attracted to the 'thump' sound.
The device I have been making mimics the thump sound made by an oar or broom handle tapping the floor of the boat.
I have sold a lot of them in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and South Carolina. I have many guides in all these states that have purchased and use my thumpers regularly.
Each thumper comes with a 12 month guarantee. After that parts or repairs are available at additional cost.
The main reason people reported they purchased it, was they can catch more fish without their arms getting tired, while baiting hooks, unhooking fish, or trying to set the hook and fight a fish to the boat, with an oar in one hand. I hope you guys have a better understanding of the concept of my 'Bobo's Thumper'. Feel free to ask any other questions you might have.
I'll try to keep up with any pm's but the best way is to call or email me at thumperville2059@hotmail.com
You can also check out some videos and pm me on my Facebook page at Bobo's Thumper
Thanks for checking out my Bobo's Thumper
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