Lots of clouds, lots of rain, some sunshine at the very end and a little bit of wind late in the day. Water color slightly stained in the Alcovy with about 1' visibility. Yellow river was rolling mud, lots of trash and debris floating all over the lake. Water temps around 53-54 degrees.interesting day for sure with 22 members fishing and 17 members bringing fish to the scales. We paid five money spots and Big Bass. It went as follows:

Big Bass went to Jacob Bruner with a 3.69lb spotted bass for $110

5th place went to Marc Lockwood with 5 fish for 6.72lbs and $44

4th place was Barry Martin with 5 fish for 6.73lbs and $66

3rd place was Daryl Jones with 5 fish for 6.87lbs and $88

2nd place went to Kris Brown with 5 fish for 8.51lbs and $110

1st place went to Robbie Holmes with 5 fish for 9.90lbs and $132

Next month we'll be on Lake Lanier, launching at Charleston Park. Hopefully Lanier will kick out some good ones for us!!

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