Yesterday was a struggling day for the Lake Guntersville Rat-L-Trap Tournament, and not only for myself but all of the anglers involved. A big Congrats to the team of Hancock n Fontana for their winning weight of 18.42 lbs., and with this kind of low weight and it only taking 15+ lb. to get in the top 10, it shows the real struggle that the great turnout of 212 boats had throughout the day. My partner Ted Peck, a writer from Iowa had struggles of our own, but still was able to get a 14th. place finish with only 15.20 lbs. "BUT" we did have our chance with us only being able to land one out of the 3 "Nice Uns" we had on, but thats part of the game. We caught several small to keeper size [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
fish on Echo and 3/4-1 oz. Traps, just not the consistent quality we were looking for, and when we did find a couple of fish it was short lived from all of the "floating" eel grass all over the areas we were in. This was a fantastic tournament as always and an absolutely fantastic turnout. Wes Higgins has done a phenomenal job with his company brining it to the status that's well deserving for his efforts, my hat's off. Great tournament, great turnout, and just plain ole "fun". Get out and enjoy it! Mike Carter