I got the opportunity yesterday to get a break from cathing some "Big G Slabs" and go out for some quality "Big G Bass". I had a couple of Crappie trips earlier in the week and even though I didn't post any pictures we still had a fantastic time with some great Crappie fishing and they are still stacking up and showing us a great time on the lake. I got out with a good friend yesterday to look for some Bass around some of the deeper grass lines using 3/4-1 oz. Rat-L-Traps and was able to put several quality fish in the boat with this pattern. There wasn't a lot of numbers in each area we fishied but still were able to get a few bites with each stop. The main trick was to cover a lot of water and not focus on one area for a very long time. We mainly focused on areas with grass in an average of 6-8 and 8-10 ft. of water. The Lake Guntersville Rat-L-Trap open is next Sunday feb. 12th., we look forward to seeing you there. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]