What a day!!! Started out sharing Doll Mountain Boat Ramp with another club about 14 boats strong. We had 17 boats out there, so it got a little busy this morning! WE moved our weigh in up to 2:00PM to avoid the afternoon crunch and it worked out pretty well. 25 of the 26 members signed up came out this morning. Danny left his money in the event, but had tow vehicle issues and was unable to make it.

The weather started out overcast and close to 60, then by 9AM the rain started, and it rained steady for the next 4 hours. Then when the rain stopped the wind started howling! it was enough to wear this old man out!! Several of our members succumbed to the nasty weather and left early, we hope that all of you made it home safely and are kicking back and relaxing!

A total of 10 members did not weigh fish, There were only 4 limits of 5 fish brought to the scales, with the rest being 1 or 2 fish sacks. Most of the guys who got limits reported doing it early (by 9:30AM) then scraping the rest of the day. I know I can say with absolute certainty that it was tough for me (2 fish for 2.24lbs WOOHOO! hey, at least it's some points!). There were six places paid today so let's look at who got the money and what they weighed to get a check:

Barry Martin got the $26 sixth place money with 5 fish for 5.10lbs

Mike Cronin had 5th place with five fish weighing 6.20lbs for $52

Kris Brown had 2 nice spots for 6.45lbs for $88

Wally Lee brought a 5 fish limit for 7.75lbs good for a $104 payday

Caleb Rodgers only caught 2 fish but they were good ones! a total 8.32lbs with Big Bass @ 4.74lbs (close!!), $120 for second and $130 for Big Bass

Our 2016 AOY, Monty Cantrell continued his winning ways with 5 fish for 10.31lbs and first place money of $130

WE started this year with 30 paid members and one member vacationing in Florida who hasn't paid, but says he will. That gives us 31 members and that, my friends, is awesome! What's even more impressive is the sustaining and fishing population of this club is around 87%! I believe the members we have now will probably increase that percentage through the year and I would expect some additional growth over the next couple of months.

Our next event in February is on Lake Jackson out of Berry's Boat dock. I called Bobby Berry and left a message informing of our dates and haven't heard back from him. I don't think there will be an issue. If there is I will let you guys know!

Be safe on the water!

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