Well it started out with overcast and a strong breeze out of the S-SE and about 43 degrees, ended up with clear blue skies and a steady southerly breeze in the mid 40s. Water temp was pretty much 53 degrees every where I went this afternoon and pretty clear! WE had 27 paid entries, 28 boats with mine. There were a total of 47 anglers that weighed 49 fish for a total of 83.94lbs (average of 1.71lbs per fish). WE only had 4 largemouth weighed toady. Big Bass was a 3.39lb Spotted bass.
We paid 6 places, Big Bass and a side pot, here's who won that money!:
6th place went to The Allen Clan with 3 fish for 5.79lbs for $20
5th place went to Paul and Ryan with 3 fish for 5.84lbs and $41
4th place was Stephen and Dante with 3 fish for 5.85lbs and $69
3rd place went to Spencer and Austin with 3 fish for 6.12lbs and $81
2nd place went to Jake and Jason with 3 fish for 6.39lbs and $93
1st place went to Joe and Steve B. with 3 fish for 6.95lbs for $101 and the side pot of $270, and Big Bass for 3.39lb spot and $135

Great turn out today! Hopefully, we will see you folks and more next Sunday. Just a reminder that we will NOT be fishing on Christmas Sunday, but definitely plan to be there on New Year's Sunday afternoon

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