This morning I got to take out a couple of young gentlemen along with their Granddad for a few hrs. of Crappie fishing before they had to get back home to enjoy their Thanksgiving Dinner, and plus with a "stern" warning from their Grandmom to make sure they are not late!!! The conditions were great for fishing, pleasant temps, no wind, but the lack of current made the Crappie real "stingy". We were still able to get some sloid "Slabs" to cooperate for them to take back home and make Grandmom a little happier. These guys had a fantastic time getting the opportunity to catch some good Crappie and Ole Granddad had an even better time getting to watch them argue over who had the biggest and the most. Great times on the water that will always be remembered. Nuttin like it!!! Get out and have some fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]