Clear and high blue bird skies, N-NW wind steady at about 15 mph and gusting a little higher at times (laying down 30 minutes before the tournament was over!) and chilly with temps in the low 50s and feeling colder in the shady areas. Sounds like fun? You should've been there!! Water temps are finally down around the 60 degree mark and should drop into the upper 50s by next weekend. the lake is still very clear. The fishing was surprisingly pretty decent for most folks. Although Jacob and I only had 2.99lbs, we managed to cull about 4 times (ounces) and catch a few short fish too. Out of the 16 boats fishing today, only three did not bring fish to the scales, not bad! I wish I would've gotten my camera out of the boat and I will next weekend. I missed an opportunity to get a picture of Scott and Tommy's 5.50 largemouth bass! The fish was flawless with no marks and fat and healthy!

We only paid three places today, so here's the way it went down:

3rd place went to John and Brandon with 3 fish for 6.52lbs and $45

2nd place went to Jim and Joe C. with 3 fish for 7.49lbs and $68

1st place went to Scott and Tommy with 3 fish for 7.76lbs good for $112 and the side pot of $160. They also had that healthy largemouth that weighed 5.50lbs for $75!

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