Well, we got our second Sunday out of the way and I must admit that it finally felt like fall with the cool wind (yes! Wind! a very dry wind! My eyes burn!). Water temps were still in the mid 60s (65) and still very clear every place we fished this afternoon. There were 22 paid entries, 13 boats with mine. That amounted to 42 anglers weighing 42 fish for a total weight of 67.68lbs (avg 1.61lbs per fish). There were only 3 largemouth bass weighed, and Big Bass was a healthy 3.99lb spotted bass (beautiful fish!).

Here's how the money paid out today:

5th place went to Lonnie and Stan with 3 fish for 5.24lbs and $33

4th place went to Ken H. with 3 fish for 5.34lbs and $50

3rd place went to Jason M. and Wes with 3 fish for 5.81lbs and $66

2nd place went to Jake and Eric with 3 fish for 6.01lbs and $82

1st place went to Brent T. and Mark S. with 3 fish for 7.45lbs and Big Bass of 3.99lbs, they took home $110 for Big Bass, $99 for 1st place and $230 for the side pot! WTG, guys!

We are rolling now folks and despite hunting season we are still drawing better than 20 boats, I think fishing will improve over the next few weeks. So I am hoping to see more of you folks out there with us!

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