"DANG HOT DRY WEATHER"!!! OK this is getting old now, this is the time of year for the "Big-G" Slabs to start stacking up and getting aggressive, "BUT" the HOT weather just keeps on hangin around. Today I got out and tried to find a few for some up coming guide trips, and I mainly focused on some deep areas and even though it was a little slow I was able to get some to cooperate. I stayed in areas that were 8-15 ft. with deep grass and structure mixed. It seems that the Crappie are wanting to move in but the warm weather has them staying out in the deeper areas. "MAYBE" just "MAYBE" one of these days it will cool off enough to get these guys to stack up, but as of now the Crappie are making their move, it's just a little slower than what we've been used to. "DANG" it's still fun! Mike Carter [Linked Image]