Went out for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Took my Granddaughter and her boyfriend. Fished McCaskey, then Illinois, and ended up in Stamps. Best bite was on steep banks with rocks and laydowns (old laydowns with minimal limbs). Caught 10 in two hours on Jigs and shakey heads with watermelon Candy spiked with Chartreuse, Jig was mardi gras and cinnamon black flake twin tail trailer, two on C-rig centipede in watermelon Candy spiked with Chart. Talked to another buddy who fished in the morning and caught 20 on C-rigged lizrds, and another who caught about 20 using jigging spoon. To sum it up is the fish are biting and it doesn't really matter what you throw as long as it lands in front of the fish!

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