Well, I hope everyone made it home safely. I presume that Robbie, Monty and I were the last Cast-A-Way trucks to make it back to Georgia and since we didn’t see anyone on I-20 we know you made it that far!
What an interesting weekend, yesterday it was hot and dry and windy and fished very tough for those of us who spent some time on the water. Today was comfortable temps, overcast skies and occasional light showers/sprinkle/mist, and very windy at times! The difference is that lots of fish bit, mostly little ones. If Jim Barclay would’ve weighed a fish, everyone who fished would have weighed. Only a few folks managed to find a little more distance between the heads and tails on their fish. I have the data loaded in the website https://www.castawaybassclubnwga.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=774 so you should be able to click on the link, login and view the results (surprises await you!!). I will also update the tournament “Blurps” shortly as well.
Congrats to Michael Keeney for today’s win with 5 fish for 9.82lbs, while he didn’t have Big Bass, he did come close with a 3.56lb fish!
Caleb Rogers came in second with 5 fish for 9.79lbs and he did have Big Bass with a 3.96lb largemouth (do you realize how close .03lb is?)
Another good finish for Monty with 5 fish for 7.60lbs and 3rd place, that was a good way to throw away a 30 pt. month!
4th place went to Ed Huskins with 4 solid fish for 7.24lbs!

Lake Weiss is going to be a showdown in the Top Six and AOY race. After today the move has begun! Monty is now in front with 776
Mike Cronin is next with 770, Then Caleb with 769, Robbie with 763, then Barry with 743 and a tie in 6th place with Daryl Jones and Danny Cole with 737 points! This may shape up to be determined by the 10 point award for those who fished every event!

And finally…. We found out that the new Evinrude Etecs have super, secret start code and we are going to Wiki-leak the secret to you guys (are you paying attention Brother Bill?) On Friday, Monty and Kris stopped and got a hamburger at one of the Marinas on the lake. They came back out to find that the trim function and starter wouldn’t do anything. Mike Cronin even exhausted his knowledge in trying to help these guys! Finally, Mike brought Kris back up the lake to retrieve the truck and trailer and get ready to find the marina by road! The next thing we see is Monty flying into the cove. He proudly proclaimed victory by figuring out the code. When confronted with this problem, all you have to do is run to the back of the boat, grab the cable harness and shake it exactly two times, then knock on the starboard side of the cowling two times, then push the on the motor trim button (up only), then quickly go back to the ignition and start the motor! So simple! They put it to the test again today and it definitely works! Just remember that!

Ya’ll take care, I will see some of you on the water next weekend and hopefully all of you before the next tournament on Weiss!

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