Today I "had" to get out by myself to see what was going on with the fish on the "Big-G". The bite the last few weeks has been very sporadic and unpredictable to say the least. The Snag Proof Frog bite hasn't been as consistent as normal for this time of year, and the Swimjig bite has also been a little slower than normal. If we can just get rid of these "HOT DRY" days that we have right now, maybe, just "MAYBE" these fish can get back to their normal aggressive Fall patterns. I caught several fish on a frog early with most of them in the small range, but a heck of a lot of fun. I went to a Choo Choo Jig up in the day in some deeper 8-10 ft. of grass and was able to put a few better quality fish in the boat, including a decent picture fish. The sweating began and it was time to go relax in my recliner and enjoy some good sweet ice tea for the rest of the day. Get out and have fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]