I got out today for a trip on Lake Chickamauga located in Chattanooga, Tn. with a gentleman that wanted to learn a little about the lake and see if we could find a few fish in the process. This is one beautiful and healthy lake and the fishing on this lake is phenomenal. They have let a lot of the grass come back and this has really helped the condition and the fishing of the lake. We started out just looking for the right areas of grass that contained the "muck" required for some consistent fishing with a Snag Proof Frog...and we did! Within just a few casts I had a fish just raise the grass up for a second just before it "engulfed" my Frog, then the fun started! The sight of this fish hitting and the way it hit had this guy amazed at how a Chickamauga "Big-Un" can absolutely "explode" through the muck on a Frog. A few more cooler days and the Snag Proof Frog bite on this lake will be "wide open". There were more grass areas than I had expected and all of them are on that verge of being prime for some "Frawgin" action. I also want to congratulate Gill n Willie on their win in the Lake Guntersville Snag Proof Open, great job. This was a tough tournament with tough conditions and the tournament had a fantastic turnout even with the fishing being as tough as it has been lately. Thanks to all that fished the tournament and we will look forward to doing it again next year. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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