There has been some very hot and humid days in the past few weeks, but today,"WOW" it was just "DANG HOT"...and HUMID!!! I got started around noon which was approaching the hottest part of the day and started swimming Choo Choo Jigs in 8-10ft. of water. With 0 wind and the the middle of the hottest part of the day, the fish decided to eat. I enjoyed this for a little while until I had just sweated enough and decided to quit early and go back to a nice "COOL" home and enjoy a glass of "ICE" Tea. The fishing was fun, but it was also "DANG" fun just relaxin in my recliner with my ice tea, and I didn't sweat no where near as much. It's HOT, so be careful and stay hydrated, and try to have some fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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